Update on Megaupload

It seems one of the websites, megaupload, where our team used to host downloads such as song packs and jamprojekt game itself is no longer online due to problems with FBI. You can read more about it here.

We have most of times given two or more download options, but in certain cases you may find some song packs (or others) where there was only available 1 download link from megaupload. If one of those packs is yours, we will need you to either re-send us the files again, or provide us with another link from where players may download your song pack.

Thank you for your attention and we’re sorry about any inconvenience this may cause you!


News on Jamproject

Hey there people, we have some good news here! We had 2 generous users who finally decided to help us and donated us a small amount of money which we (really) promise we will be using in a good and useful way for jamproject in the future. We want to thank very much Benedikt and Danny Wolf for their donations to our game, we really appreciate it very much as our plan C, bitcoin, has been having very low results (we have won some cents with it, enough to buy a small bag of bubble gums…). husky logo luna h wolf

We want also to ask you sorry because of not updating on jamproject for a long time, due to our everyday heavy work at school and building our future… I guess.

That’s it for now, thanks to all of you who play jamproject and support us!






No Ads, Zero Donations time for plan C

Hi everybody it is Chuck, I am sad to announce that we had zero donations which is saddens me, we also can’t get any adds because of the songs we link…But not everything is lost we are trying a new way to found jamproject and to help you just need to leave a tab with JP open and you will be already helping. Read the rest of this entry »


We need your help

Hey everyone we need your help to keep JP running. Even though we provide JP free of charges for every single one you this games is made at the expense of many hours of work, and our servers aren’t free either and the online version puts them with extra load.

We already asked for donations 3 or 4 times but we didn’t get a single dollar/euro/pound/yen, no one actually donated for our game, it is really disappointing for us since we get a great number of hits every month and there are a lot of people playing. We are working a lot in this game and there is already another online version coming, and we will start preparing the next offline next, but if the things keep this way we are afraid we won’t be able to keep the game running.

So please if you appreciate our work and want to help us keep working donate us a few dollars/euros/pounds/yens.



LiveChat or IM?

Hey guys,

I’ll need your opinion :P I’m currently working on the new JP Online Design and so I want to aks you this:
– Do you prefer a live chat?
– Or a IM System?

Either way I will test both, but tell me what do you prefer for the final release ;)



Preview of the New JamProject Online Design

Here’s a little preview of the new JamProject Online design. Hope you like it ;)


First test to New JP Online Design
No lag at all, all very smooth. So far so good ^^


Library Expansion Pack #31 – Touhou Piano Track Pack 2 by Huse

Hello JP fans now that we officially have online and offline playing it is time for us to launch a few more songs, and here you have the new version of the amazing Touhou Piano Track Pack by Huse.

Here are the songs in this amazing pack:

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Jamproject Online Public Beta

Hey JP players, I am the first one to confess that JP has been a little slow this last month unfortunately. But no more it is time to came back and start posting again today we will open JP Online to all of you who want to participate.

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Chuck is back

Hello everyone you may have noticed my lack of posts in the last days. Well I have been on vacation the last 30 days in a little town where I had no internet acess. But in 2 days I will be back home and I have big plans for the Game, the site and the forum.

It is good to be back



JP Online – Feedback

Hi guys, this post is only for feedback about the JP online.
Post here any bugs or problems you encounter, lag, ideas or even if its all ok :)

We thank your cooperation ^^


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